A Burning Review

Hi everyone! Today I'm back with another review, although straying a little from my usual content, with a review of A Burning by Megha Majumdar, a stunning, heartbreaking debut novel that absolutely blew me away! Goodreads Title: A Burning Author: Megha Majumdar Pages: 304 Genre: Literary fiction, Contemporary, Adult Rating: 5 Stars Synopsis: Jivan is… Continue reading A Burning Review

Cute Mutants Vol. 1: Mutant Pride Review

Hi everyone! Hope you're keeping well! I'm back at a slightly better time today with a review of a book that really blew me away and that I can't wait for the sequel of! Goodreads Title: Cute Mutants Vol. 1: Mutant Pride Author: SJ Whitby Pages: 401 Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, LGBT+, Young Adult Rating: 4.5… Continue reading Cute Mutants Vol. 1: Mutant Pride Review

The Truth About Keeping Secrets Review

Hi everyone! I hope September is treating you well so far! I'm just trundling along, mostly reading and studying Chinese and Pharmacology (strange combination, I know), just trying to put still being in lockdown time to use! I recently read The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown and absolutely adored it, and I knew,… Continue reading The Truth About Keeping Secrets Review

F/F Recommendations #2 – Autumn Vibes

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my very first F/F recommendations post where I mentioned some great contemporary reads! This time round, I've decided that, since we're finally moving into Autumn, that I would recommend some books that I feel give off some great Autumn vibes! I really hope that you decide to pick… Continue reading F/F Recommendations #2 – Autumn Vibes